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LAPUU is a brand with a history created by people with passion. All collections are created in cooperation with the best designers who are involved in the entire process of creating and introducing the product to the market.

We create stylistically diverse, original displays, display and office chests of drawers, functional tables and customer service counters made of high-quality materials intended for sales spaces.

We are constantly looking for new ideas, inspiration and innovative solutions in the field of form and structure as well as production technology. We carefully observe the dynamically changing world and user needs.


We have a rich and modern machine park, thanks to which our products are of the highest quality.
High-quality equipment translates into high-quality, precise details that meet safety and production requirements. We invest in technologically advanced solutions that guarantee success for us and our clients.

Designing its offer, LAPUU has created a unique network of local craftsmen, original handicraft studios, artists and designers. This type of collective approach is aimed at creating optimal conditions for the free flow of ideas, thoughts and providing professional recommendations. Sharing knowledge and experience and expanding the network of contacts with new business partners, investors and subcontractors allowed for the creation of products and comprehensive arrangements with attention to the smallest detail.




Grzegorz Rozmus
General manager

Bartek Zygmunt, MA
Creative Director
/ Design manager

Magda Gazda, MA
/ architect

Alicja Krzyżowska, MA
Interior decorator
/ Interior decorator

Maciej Siemiński
Production technology specialist
/ Production technologist

Fred Brandys
Production manager
/ Production manager


Tomasz Matuszek, M.Sc. (MBA)
Project specialist
/ Projects manager

Dariusz Szymczak, MSc (MBA)
Market analysis specialist
/ Market analysis specialist

Michał Matuszek, MA
The auditor
/ Auditor

Michał Massalski, MSc
Legal Counsel
/ Attorney at law

Dr. Grzegorz Pilarski
Innovation specialist
/ Innovation specialist

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