Create a children's zone in your business.


You can either choose from our wide range of products available online or contact our design team directly.  We will arrange your space according to your preferences and the latest trends.


Ecologic materials

Easy to arrange

Children's zone

  • sizes available from 0.6m2

  • wall panels that allow to arrange any space

  • iPad holder

  • mirrors at different heights

  • shelves for cases

  • leaflet pocket

  • option to display 30-120 frames

yellow S 0520Y

salmon S 0520 Y 40R

pink S 0520 R 30B

violet S 05020R 60B

blue S 0520 R 90B

turquoise S 0520 B 90G

yellow S 0570 Y 10R

orange S 0585 Y 30R

red S 0585 Y 80R

blue s 2065 R90B

light blue S 1050 B10G

green S0570 G40Y

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